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Cleaning Packages - Airplane Interior

Cleaning your aircraft’s interior is the first line of defense in keeping your aircraft looking great. And with the flexibility of choosing a full interior service, every surface inside your aircraft is cleaned & sanitized.


FULL Interior 

Starting from 300$


• Full carpet shampoo by hand with special foaming carpet shampoos 
• Complete interior leather and interior cleaning 
• Leather treatment with mink oil treatments and wipe down. 
• Full clean and sterilization of galley and toilet. Which includes all/any non     carpeted floors and table tops. 
• All Windows cleaned and if required, pilot instruments. 
• All surfaces dusted down and wiped clean. 
• Entry steps cleaned and polished. 
• Clean interior windows, mirrors and visors 
• Clean and wipe down headliner/swede 
• Complete shampoo/scrub seats, seat trim and pockets 
• Table top areas are cleaned (if equipped)

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